State of the Blog — 03/02/2014

Well, the very first month of Everyman Gaming has come and gone and what an interesting month it was! On my end, I noticed some interesting trends. First, its come to my attention that this website doesn’t operate in my timezone; I set all of my blog posts to update at 12:00 am EST. Instead, its been updating at 12:00 pm European Time. (I’m honestly not sure which Time Zone; I’m asleep when it posts!) Personally, I don’t care much when the blog post goes up as long as I keep to my schedule, so I’m just going to leave it the way it is for now. If any of my readers has some background knowledge as to what’s going on and how I can change it, I’m all ears. Its just not a huge concern of mine.

Looking at the numbers, I’ve just barely past the “Leet Mark” this month (1,337 Page Views). That’s for each separate instance that someone has viewed a page on Everyman Gaming and let’s be honest: that isn’t particularly impressive but it is a good start. I’m pleased thus far, but I could definitely use help spreading the word about Everyman Gaming. If anything I write interests you, please considering ‘Liking’ the blog’s Facebook Page and telling any friends you might have that’s interested in this sort of stuff about it. I’d appreciate it greatly.

Fun Numbers

Here are a couple of numbers in no particular order:

  • The most highly-viewed page on the day of its release was my Iconic Design article on Prince Adam of Grayskull. Before I published that, my article on the Lich King generated the most views. In contrast, my article on building a Nonlethal Damage Ninja earned about half of the views as the Lich King on its day of release.
  • That said, my GM’s Guide series has the most views overall, which goes along with my prediction that while the Iconic Design articles would be more popular when they first go live but the GM Guide series would have a longer shelf life, as GMs would come back to refer to the content periodically. Furthermore, simple mathematics tells us that players must outnumber GMs by at least four or five to one (not counting the rare group that has multiple experienced GMs sitting around the same table, of course!)
  • The article with the most comments on the Everyman Gaming site was my anecdote about my journey to becoming a game designer. The article with the most comments on Facebook was my article about building the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. As you can imagine, the on-site comments have been mostly positive while the off-set comments (especially in regards to Harry) have been mostly negative. Along the same lines, I’ve learned that Harry Potter apparently gets the same scorn intensity from RPG Players as bronies, furries, and firearms. I’ve also found out that many people use the “It’s the internet” excuse to justify this behavior, which is both interesting and frightening to me.
  • The article with the least attention (both views and comments) was my Product Plug about the Dungeon Dressing: Walls product I wrote for Raging Swan Press. This makes sense because I chose not to publicize it at all. Despite the low views, I’m likely to continue to do this whenever something I write becomes available for purchase.

Moving Forward

I have a bunch of ideas about how to move ahead with Everyman Gaming, but I’m still internally debating about how I want to go about it. One idea includes purchasable content that simply wouldn’t translate to a blog format well. For example, I was thinking about releasing a small product for a dollar, maybe a dollar and a half that corresponds to one of my Iconic Design builds. Inside, there would be a brief description of the concept as well as several (count: three) stat blocks for GMs looking to use that character build for an NPC at 7th, 14th, and 20th level.  Alternatively, I could adjust the builds to correlate to the Iconic Characters in the NPC Codex (CR 1, CR 7, and CR 12). I could even combine the ideas and do CR 1, CR 7, CR 12, and CR 18/19.

I’m going to continue with the three-a-week format moving forward because that’s been working well for me. Despite warnings from other bloggers that I’ve received, I think the schedule works well for me as I’m typically able to write a full week’s worth of blog posts on a single Saturday afternoon. We’ll see how this holds up moving forward, and if I have to start devoting time to putting NPC Statblocks for products together, I might end up cutting down posting to twice a week. This is all speculation though, no announcements. It would be pretty cool to start increasing my writing credentials even further, however.

That said, I think I’m ready for whatever March holds and I hope you are too!

Alexander “Alex” Augunas has been playing roleplaying games since 2007, which isn’t nearly as long over 90% of his colleagues. Affectionately called a “budding game designer” by his partner at Radiance House, Alexander is the author of the Pact Magic Unbound series (Radiance House) and a handful of other Third-Party Products. Before founding the Everyman Gaming blog, Alexander gained notoriety for writing the GM’s Guide to Challenging Encounters, which remains accessible to this day. His favorite color is blue, his favorite Pathfinder Race/Class combination is kitsune dragonrider, and his favorite pastime is making a couple hundred fans try to search the website trying to figure out what a dragonrider is.

Blog Schedule (3/3/2014 — 3/28/2014)

  • Monday, March 3rd: GM’s Guide — Action Economics 102
  • Wednesday, March 5th: Gibbering Mouth (Theoretical Theurgy) — Measuring Damage
  • Friday, March 7th: Iconic Design — Holy Guns, Batman!
  • Monday, March 10th: GM’s Guide — What Time Is It?
  • Wednesday, March 12th: Gibbering Mouth (Mythcleaving) — Oh, Rogues (1)
  • Friday, March 14th: Iconic Design — Dirty Player, Dirty Tricks
  • Monday, March 17th: GM’s Guide — Mythic Mania
  • Wednesday, March 19th: Gibbering Mouth (Mythcleaving) — Oh, Rogues (2)
  • Friday, March 21st: Iconic Design — ThunderCats, Ho!

6 thoughts on “State of the Blog — 03/02/2014

  1. Great job on the blog! I’m thoroughly enjoying, especially the GM advice and techniques.

    As for your time zone, you can change it in the dashboard under Settings – General.

  2. I’d love to get the rest of my group to read this blog, but many of them are very lazy when it comes to exploring additional content. Most of them rely on me to have knowledge about all the tips and tricks one can use as a player (or as a GM). In every Pathfinder game I’ve played so far, I and up adopting the role of GM’s assistant (sometimes even a behind-the-scenes Co-GM).

    • You know what they say: you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. Some people prefer ignorance over the work it would take to enlighten them, and while disappointing, that’s their decision. Thanks for trying anyway, Darrell!

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