State of the Blog — 03/24/2014

Unlike my last State of the Blog post, this one is going to be short and sweet because its happening during the month of March. Maybe I’ll do something interesting next month, or maybe I won’t. I’m a rebel like that.

Here’s the blog’s posting schedule for the next three weeks:

  • Monday, March 24th: GM’s Guide — On Scrying and Frying
  • Wednesday, March 26th: Gibbering Mouth (Everyman House Rules) — The Function of Leadership
  • Friday, March 28th: Iconic Design — Oh, Those Carnival Nights
  • Monday, March 31st: GM’s Guide — All Aboard the Railroad Express!
  • Wednesday, April 2nd: Gibbering Mouth (Storytime 1) — Stone Miso Soup
  • Friday, April 4th: Iconic Design – For Pony!
  • Monday, April 7th: GM’s Guide — Terrible Terrain
  • Wednesday, April 9th: Gibbering Mouth (Wednesday Rave) — Role & Roll
  • Friday, April 11th: Iconic Design — Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

8 thoughts on “State of the Blog — 03/24/2014

      • If you’re building Elsa, you’re going to be hardpressed to stand up to Ravingdork’s Helegur. I’m sure there are builds that could probably be more accurate, but Helegur can do everything Elsa can, and she’s got a load of flavor and awesomeness packed away in other sources as well.

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