Product Plug — Village Backdrop: Trickletrek

Surprise update! Bet’cha weren’t expecting something to happen ’round these parts on a Thursday, hrm?

It wasn’t particularly popular last time, but oh well. I’m not gonna sweat the small stuff. In an effort to promote my writing and designing more, I’m pleased to announce that Raging Swan Press has published ANOTHER product written by yours truly, Village Backdrop: Trickletrek. Village Backdrops are designed with GMs in mind as easy-to-important settlements for players to frolic in. At least, some of them are: I don’t really do whimsical adventures. I’m metal like that. #PowerChord

In Village Backdrop: Trickletrek I’ve combined two of my all-time favorite things: gnomes and bad stuff happening to them. Players wandering into Trickletrek will notice that the entire population is scared out of their mind by an unnatural illness that is draining the locals of their coloration. You see, gnomes are normally bright and colorful and adventurous but their color and life force slowly bleaches away when they grow bored or complacent. The problem is, however, that this unnatural occurrence is happening at an alarming rate to otherwise healthy gnomes. Could it have something to do with the strange asteroid that struck nearby Swishswirl Cove? I suppose you’ll have to grab your blade and find out for yourself!

Available for a modest $1.99, this product (as well as all products in the Village Backdrop line) are sure to help you add an extra flair to your GameMastering that even mathematics can’t replicate! If any of this interests you, support Raging Swan Press (and me indirectly) by picking up a copy of Village Backdrop: Trickletrek today! Or on pay day; I’m not picky.

Are you a reader of Raging Swan Press, or is this your first time hearing of this fabulous Third-Party Publisher? What sort sort of GM supplements are you in the market for? What’s your personal stance on Third-Party Products? Leave your answers and comments in the comments below!

Alexander “Alex” Augunas has been playing roleplaying games since 2007, which isn’t nearly as long over 90% of his colleagues. Affectionately called a “budding game designer” by his partner at Radiance House, Alexander is the author of the Pact Magic Unbound series (Radiance House) and a handful of other Third-Party Products. Before founding the Everyman Gaming blog, Alexander gained notoriety for writing the GM’s Guide to Challenging Encounters, which remains accessible to this day. His favorite color is blue, his favorite Pathfinder Race/Class combination is kitsune expert, and his favorite pastime is shamelessly plugging products that he has written.


7 thoughts on “Product Plug — Village Backdrop: Trickletrek

  1. I’m a fan of 3rd party, but I have to take things that get published with a very large grain of salt. I recently had to fix my cousin’s problems that involve 3rd party publishers. Specifically that of the Eldritch Godling by Super Genius Game. The class is basically ‘build your own 9th level caster’ class as you get to choose nearly everything about it; from your casting stat, to your spell list, even to what ability score you use on all your saving throws.

    I’ve never bought anything from RSP, but I do own products from Dreamscarred Press, and TPK Games and I read stuff on the SRD fairly often.

    • I do think that the godling (all three variants) is a great example of a class that looks fun on paper but is a little too complicated for its own good in practice. That said, I’m a big fan of RGG’s Talented line as well as their dragonrider class.

  2. I’ve got lots of the Raging Swan stuff and am massively impressed with what they’re putting out. I’m running a campaign set on The Lonely Coast (running Retribution at the moment which is awesome) and have the various villiage backdrops from there (looking forward to Wolverton being dropped next month). Trickletrek sounds fun, if I can work out how to drop it into my current campaign I’ll have to pick it up.

    • Although you can technically be any level to adventure in the Great Greens, “fixing” Trickletrek is a job for a party of at least 6th level party, in my opinion. 😉

  3. For all those wary of 3PP, adventures are a great opportunity to check out some stuff as it won’t break your game, like some more crunchy books.

    I’m a big fan of Rite Publishing. I didn’t realize Town Backdrops were that cheap. I love the idea of those products, I’ll have to pick up some…

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