State of the Blog — 04/14/2014

Here’s the blog’s posting schedule for the next three weeks:

  • Monday, April 14th: GM’s Guide — Flavors of Villainy
  • Wednesday, April 16th: Gibbering Mouth (Wednesday Rant) — Fighting with Size Issues
  • Friday, April 18th: Iconic Design — You’re Not a Nice King At All!
  • Monday, April 21st: GM’s Guide — Cartography 101
  • Wednesday, April 23rd: Gibbering Mouth (Product Reviews) — Reviewing Products for Fun and Profit
  • Friday, April 25th: Iconic Design – For the Sake of Evil
  • Monday, April 28th: GM’s Guide — Ten Paces, Then Fire!
  • Wednesday, April 30th: Gibbering Mouth (Wednesday Rant) — Dude, That’s Racist!
  • Friday, May 2nd: Iconic Design — Time to Buckle Our Swash!

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