State of the Blog — 05/04/2014

Here are some website stats!

My most viewed post ever was For Pony!, in which I designed Richard the Warlock as a Pathfinder Roleplaying Game character. Elsa, on the other hand, didn’t receive half of the number of views Richard did. Maybe people are just sick of Frozen (its songs were certainly overplayed in the States) or maybe it just goes to show you how much more exposure and popularity a character like Richard has in the RPG community. I’m looking forward to seeing how Ice King did in He’s Not a Nice King!, but I write these posts a month in advance, so it actually hasn’t published at the time of this blog.

The other thing I want to note is that this blog harbors my birthday — May 9th, to be precise. For that reason, I dub this entire line-up, “Alex’s Crazy and Wild Birthday Extravaganza”. Throughout this blogging month, I’m going to do things a *little* bit differently for no other reason than “It’s my birthday!” Yes, I am totally going to abuse my position of power.

Here’s the blog’s posting schedule for the next three weeks:

  • Monday, May 5th: Gibbering Mouther (Bestiary of Doom) — Alex’s Top 10 Pathfinder Monsters
  • Wednesday, May 7th: Gibbering Mouth (Wednesday Rant) — Alex’s Favorite Archetypes
  • Friday, May 9th: Iconic Design — Happy Birthday to Me!
  • Monday, May 12th: Product Reviews — Alex’s Top Five Favorite  Campaign Setting Books
  • Tuesday, May 13th: Product Reviews — Alex’s Top Five Favorite  Campaign Setting Books
  • Wednesday, May 14th: Product Reviews — Alex’s Top Five Favorite  Campaign Setting Books
  • Thursday, May 15th: Product Reviews — Alex’s Top Five Favorite  Campaign Setting Books
  • Friday, May 16th: Product Reviews — Alex’s Top Five Favorite  Campaign Setting Books
  • Monday, May 19th: GM’s Guide — One-Stop Shopping
  • Wednesday, April 21st: Gibbering Mouth (The Algalon Paragidm) — Cosmic Nerdom
  • Friday, May 23rd: Iconic Design — Don-Don-Don-Don, Don-Don-Don

2 thoughts on “State of the Blog — 05/04/2014

    • I’m actually not crazy about the Azata. Personally, I think they have the least amount of flavor between the four celestial races. The obvious reason is that the celestial races didn’t get nearly enough spotlight in Chronicles of the Righteous because that book was a single volume rather than a series, but that’s life I suppose.

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