Important News Update!

Hey everyone! Here’s some quick info that I wanted to share. First, I’m not going to be doing annual “State of the Blog” posts anymore. You’ll just have to sit and be curious about what I’m going to talk about next. >:- )

But without any further adieu, the REAL information!

I’ve Sold Out and It Feels Great!

Those of you who follow the Everyman Gaming Facebook group already know this, but the blog is going to be moving off of I’ve had some complaints about WordPress’s user registration and while that certainly has a little bit to do with the move, it’s not everything. The real reason we’re moving has everything to do with the place we’re moving to: the newly revamped Private Sanctuary podcast website! I was approached in March about writing a blog for the Private Sanctuary guys and while I don’t have the time to manage a blog on the Private Sanctuary and Everyman Gaming, I offered to move Everyman Gaming over to the Private Sanctuary. I made this offer (and was ultimately accepted) for two reasons:

  1. Larger Audience and Reach: You might know the Private Sanctuary for their most famous podcast, Know Direction. Ryan and Perram are immensely popular, all-around great guys and to be asked to work with them is a huge honor. When they Kickstarted the current year of Know Direction last Fall, one of the promises they made was to provide more blogging content. That’s me! So on their side, they get a new team member with strong writing skills and high content knowledge who is coming to the team with a few dozen pre-written articles for their backers (and everyone else) to enjoy. On my side, joining Know Direction vastly expands my audience and influence. It’ll be pretty neat to be blogging for guys who regularly chat with Paizo’s developers in a personal setting.
  2. Better Interface: Let’s face it, I use WordPress’s free site building tools because I can’t afford better. Joining up with Know Direction will greatly improve the site quality of the blog and free me up with learning website html. 😉

I don’t have an exact ETA on when the merge will happen, but here are some things to keep in mind:

  • This website will NOT disappear when the merge happens. At least, not initially. I’ll keep this site live (and likely post to it too!) for at least a month or two after the merge happens. That way, we can get used to spending a lot of time on the Private Sanctuary podcast site together!
  • Comments left on this website won’t transfer over. I think. If you’ve left a comment I highly recommend to copy/paste it onto the appropriate article on the new website. I’ve read some awesome discussions and posts from you guys in the comments section and would hate to loose any of them.

I’m Going to Be a Star!

Along the same lines as the move to Know Direction, I was approached by Ryan Costello Jr. about co-hosting a bi-monthly podcast on the Private Sanctuary website with him. The podcast is crunch-oriented and will focus on game rules. We’re still working out what sort of topics we want to cover, but the tricky part is going to be choosing topics that we both can talk about and not simply nod our heads in agreement about. I’m talking ideas for episodes, but we have a few picked out already and with any luck we’ll start recording in a week or two. So if you’re not sick of reading about what I think of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, you’re more than welcome to listen to me ramble about it on our new podcast!

I’m Going to Be a Small Business Owner!

Last week, I filed the necessary paperwork to found my own publishing LLC, which I’m calling Everyman Gaming, LLC. As a freelance author, I often come up with product ideas that other publishers can’t fit into their schedules or that I simply don’t want to sell the rights to. I’ve been in the business long enough and made enough connections that I feel ready to self-publish a few small products once or twice a quarter. Again, I’m still working out specifics but I have plenty ideas, for example:

  • My first product, which is primed and ready to go as soon as I get my house in order, is called Psychological Combat. I’ve alluded to this product before: its dedicated to using Charisma-based skills to terrify, enrage, and downright interfere with an enemy’s ability to participate normally in combat. The product is themed around my favorite Pathfinder character, Kyr’shin Yilenzo (whom you all got a glimpse of in my birthday article) and I’m very excited to be publishing this one. It is the culmination of a year of playtesting and refinement before I knew that I was publishing it.
  • Another product idea I had was an antagonists line where I took character builds that I detailed here and built them into stat blocks for player use. Imagine me transforming Arthas into a Graveknight NPC for your use or Skeletor or He-Man. I’m still trying to figure out how many stat blocks per product to include but this still a “what-if” idea. That is, unless you’d pay a dollar or two for a few of these builds in glorious PDF form, maybe with a piece of art to boot.
  • I’ve already decided that I am going to use Everyman Gaming, LLC to expand upon the OGL elements of the most popular thing that has my name attached to it, the Pact Magic Unbound series. Since Dario can only handle one, maybe two print books a year there are plenty of Pact Magic ideas that I’ve have to squirrel away and never develop fully. I aim to end that with this product line. The first Pact Magic supplement that I am going to do (and likely the second product all-around) is going to be an occult options PDF designed to give occultists more binder secrets and more archetypes. I also have plans for using my LLC to publish products that blend Pact Magic with psionics, and possibly with the new Akashian Mysteries product that Dreamscarred Press is working on.

And there you have it. Some of the things I’m working on. As always, leave your questions and comments below and I’ll see you for my next article on Memorial Day!


One thought on “Important News Update!

  1. Been busy for awhile so I didn’t get to comment on this one until now. If you don’t know, up here in Alaska, there is 150,000 acre wildfire raging and it’s only ~3 miles from my home town. We just evacuated my grandmother from the path of the flames, so things have been a little hectic lately.

    However, I’m really excited for this change. I love the fact your viewerbase will increase so more people will get a chance to read your awesome articles. I’m looking forward to this merger.

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