Product Plug: Prayer’s Point and Everyman Gaming, LLC

Hello, everyone! It’s time for another product plug, where I tell you all about the design stuff that I’ve been working on. Today’s product plug is a double whammy; unbeknownst to me, I had two products released within a day of each other! Pretty cool, eh?

Village Backdrop: Prayer’s Point

I absolutely adore writing for Raging Swan Press’s Village Backdrop segment; they’re a lot of fun to do. Prayer’s Point was an especially fun topic. When I write for the Village Backdrop line, I like being able to summarize my villages in a single sentence. Vulgrupoh’s Hollow is: “Romeo, Juliette, and grays.” Tricketrek is: “Eldritch horror decimates a nearby wood.” Prayer’s Point? Well, its: “Social discontent and abyssal forces are stirring.”

Prayer’s Point has some of my favorite elements in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game imbedded into it. My favorite player races feature in varying shades in this village setting and one of my favorite monster types (see Alex’s Top Ten Monsters) has a HUGE, looming role in Prayer’s Point. I think that this is a simply fantastic village and if you drop it in your campaign, you won’t be disappointed.

Everyman Gaming, LLC Publishes It’s First Product!

A few weeks back I mentioned on Facebook that I had filed for a business permit to found Everyman Gaming, LLC. Everyman Gaming, LLC is my new publishing company that I plan on using to independently publish products that I either couldn’t fit into something I’ve written (like the upcoming Occult Options: Archetypes product that I’m working on) or something that I want to maintain creative control over. My paperwork came in squeaky-clean on Monday and now my first product, Psychological Combat, is popping up throughout the major PDF retailers. It is currently available in the store and it will soon be available at and the DriveThruRPG suit.

So, what is Psychological Combat about? In theme, its about using social skills to inflict negative conditions onto your enemies. In practice, it’s a lot more then that:

  • Streamlined System: In Psychological Combat, I streamlined the rules for feinting and demoralizing by using their set values to create a new “vital statistic” for characters, the Psychology DC. It functions similarly to the feinting DC, which uses one generic value or your trained Sense Motive bonus + 10; whichever is higher. Demoralize and feint have been rewritten to fit seamlessly with this new statistic.
  • Antagonize: I love the concept of the Antagonize feat from Ultimate Magic, but I never liked its execution. In Psychological Combat, I break down the Antagonize feat into a whole-new special action that players can take in the midst of combat. Allowing your players to somewhat control where enemies attacks land adds in a whole new layer of fun and complexity for them. Plus you don’t have to feel bad when the party fighter antagonizes more than he can chew and he gets beaten into a bloody pulp! This section also includes a new condition, antagonized, to go with the new rules.
  • New Archetypes: What would a new product be without new character options? Psychological Combat provides new abilities for a slew of classes, martial and physical alike. Antagonize foes as a challenger cavalier, sneak attack craven opponents as a rapscallion, or perhaps you’re an inquisitor who wants to use your cunning to demoralize and antagonize opponents? Worse to worse, you could always mess with your opponent’s noodle with the mind games witch hex.
  • New Feats: There’s roughly half a dozen new feats to select in Psychological Combat that attempt to fill in some of the design space surrounding the psychological combat actions. But six feats could never be enough! So I’ve also gone and given you guys mythic versions of all the new feats presented in Psychological Combat. Pretty sweet, eh?
  • New Traits: Let’s face it; some people are just good at pissing other people off. Psychological Combat acknowledges this with new character traits that tie in perfectly to the new psychological combat rules.

If you want to support me (and get something cool in return) make sure to pop over to your favorite online store and give Psychological Combat a go. It’s a pretty wicked deal at only $2.99 a copy!


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