State of the Blog — 07/22/14

Part exciting, part bitter sweet, I’m pleased to finally report back today about my blog’s merger with the Private Sanctuary Podcast. Now that Ryan Costello and Jefferson Jay Thacker finally have their new website up and running, we’re moving ahead with bringing my blog content over to them. Over the course of the next two weeks, I’ll be personally moving my blogs over to their website. They are categorized under articles, so if you want to see them all you need to do is click on the word “Articles” on the Top Right of the website.

The first thing that I want to announce is the blog’s new name — Guidance. After discussing it with Ryan and Jefferson, the decision was made that I needed a different name other than Everyman Gaming to publish my blogs on over on Know Direction. There were a couple of different reasons that were brought up, but ultimately I decided to make the name change because I wasn’t comfortable with plastering my publishing name all over the Know Direction website. (As some of you may remember, I filled for Everyman Gaming, LLC at the end of May, just before I officially joined the Know Direction crew as their blogger). This wasn’t a decision that I made lightly, but I’ve really come to love the blog’s new game and I hope that you enjoy it too. As I’m sure you’ve guessed, I chose to call the blog Guidance as an obvious homage to the 0-Level orison, as Know Direction itself is also a 0-level orison. Plus I absolutely love my blog’s new slogan, which you may have seen on my Facebook Page or on the Know Direction page. Second, I also took the opportunity to use my improved graphic designing skills to improve the blog’s title card; you can see it as the Featured Image on this page.

So, what does this mean for me?

The obvious question: how does this affect you, my readers? To say that it won’t affect you a little bit is a lie. For one, any comments you left won’t be transferred onto the new location and I’m planning on retiring this website before the end of the year. I keep copies of all of my articles saved on my hard drive, so I don’t need to keep this blog in order to keep my articles around. And frankly, the Know Direction site looks SO much better than mine. Jefferson Jay Thacker (also known as Perram) is leagues better than me at website coding and design and I think it REALLY shows in the site’s presentation (which includes my blog).

Luckily for you, the new Know Direction site is also a WordPress site, so if you’ve followed me on WordPress you don’t need to sign up for a new account or anything. You should follow this link over to the Know Direction website and “like” or “follow” their blog; whatever it says you should do. As I mentioned, I won’t be posting my articles here anymore starting on August 1st; they’ll be exclusively over on Know Direction’s website.

If you follow me on Facebook, the only thing that will change is when my articles will appear on the Everyman Gaming group. I’ll be programing my articles to auto-post in the 3.5 Private Sanctuary Podcast at midnight instead of Everyman Gaming. This is a limitation of the WordPress suit; if I could autopost to two Facebook groups simultaneously with their build-in tools, I would. Instead, my articles should be available on the Everyman Gaming group around 7:00 – 7:30 am EST; sowing my articles is the first thing that I do when I wake up in the morning. If you need to read my articles the moment they come out, either Like the Know Direction website or request to join the 3.5 Private Sanctuary Podcast group. If you are patient and don’t mind waiting for me to sow my articles, by all means wait!

Although I can’t assign two Facebook accounts to my posts, I can assign one Facebook account and one secondary account to my posts. To that end, starting on August 1st I’m going to be posting my links to my Twitter page as well. In addition to getting my blog content three times a week, this means that you can also read my sarcastic exchanges with anyone who humors my zany sarcasm! Huzzah!

Thanks for being patient with me while I’m undergoing this transition. If you haven’t checked out with the “new” Guidance looks like, you should. I’m really, really excited about this.


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