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GM’s Guide (Monday Articles)

  1. The Math Behind CR (02/10/2014): The very first installment of GM Guide pulls aside the archaic veil surrounding the CR mechanic and explains how it works and why core assumptions about the game are made.
  2. XP Rewards for Funds and Profits (02/17/2014): Our second installment of GM Guide builds off of the previous article, showing GMs how to use a creature’s XP Value to accurately design encounters for PC parties of all sizes.
  3. Action Economics 101 (02/24/2014): This GM Guide kicks off our look at the Action Economy: we chat about what it is and why it is crucial that all GMs account for it in their games.
  4. Action Economics 102 (03/03/2014): In Part Two of our look at the Action Economy, we talk about ways that GMs and players can game the action economy to get the most out of their turn.
  5. What Time Is It? (03/10/2014): Having absolutely nothing to do with Adventure Time, in this GM Guide article we chat about the concept of the 15-minute adventuring tactic: what it is and how can you combat this game-breaking move.
  6. Mythic Mania (03/17/2014): Ever wonder how designing encounters for a Mythic party works? Read along as I show you exactly how to budget your daily encounters for Mythic Madness!
  7. On Scrying and Frying (03/24/2014): In this article, I shed some light on a rather popular high-level player tactic and offer advice on how to counter it.
  8. All Aboard the Railroad Express (03/31/2014): In this article, we discuss the merits and pitfalls of one of the most blunt (and often misused) GM Tactic: railroading. Alternate title, forcing the PCs to Do What You Want Without Them Complaining About It.
  9. Terrible Terrain (04/07/2014): In this article, I basically bad mouth terrain and explain why it is a poor gimmick to design your encounters around.
  10. Flavors of Villainy (04/14/2014): In this article, we talk about villain exposure: how much is too much, how much is not enough. Also included are some fun personal anecdotes, proving that creating a top-notch villain is challenging for EVERYONE!
  11. Cartography 101 (04/21/2014): In this article, we discuss the importance of mapmaking in a campaign setting. I also provide some basic mapmaking tips and offer some useful tutorials and general advice for my readers on mapmaking.
  12. Ten Paces, Then Fire! (04/27/2014): Firearms are a relatively new addition to Pathfinder with tons of campaign implications. Plenty of GMs don’t like firearms as a result, and in today’s article I shed some light on the basic firearm mechanics while dispelling some common myths.
  13. Alex’s Top Ten Favorite Monsters (05/05/2014): Birthday Week 2014 Part 1 – In this article I discuss my favorite Pathfinder monsters to pit against my players.
  14. One-Stop Shopping (5/19/2014): The article where Alex takes about magic item shops: the good, the bad, and the bizarre.
  15. Hark! A Swallow! (5/26/2014): Perception has a lot of modifiers that some GMs gloss over. In this article, I talk about why you REALLY want to keep those modifiers in mind for ease of play.

Gibbering Mouth (Wednesday Articles)

  1. Merits of Multiclassing (02/12/2014): Watch me gibber and rave about the merits of multiclassing in the first installment of Gibbering Mouth!
  2. How I Became a Game Designer (02/19/2014): In this installment of Gibbering Mouth, its story time with Alex as he explains how he broke into Game Design and offers tips to those who also are seeking to enter the playing field.
  3. Hogwarts Wizards and How to Build Them (02/26/2014): Guess what? Yer a wizard, reader! Even if you’re not a fan of Harry Potter, take a peak at this installment of Gibbering Mouth for a thought exercise in creating the magical world of Harry Potter for use in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.
  4. Measuring Damage (03/05/2014): Ever wonder the best way to measure a PC’s damage? In this installment of Gibbering Mouth, we look at the methodology behind measuring character damage.
  5. Oh, Rogues Pt. I (03/12/2014): Sparks fly in this Two-Part Hot-Topic article! Here, we compare the damage-dealing potential of the rogue to the fighter and paladin to see if the complaints about the rogue class are true.
  6. Oh, Rogues Pt. II (03/19/2014): In part two of my Hot-Topic article, we look at the utility of the rogue, make a final verdict, and discuss solutions that don’t involve rebuilding the entire class from scratch.
  7. The Function of Leadership (03/26/2014): Ever wonder how to handle the most powerful feat in the game? In this guide, I show you exactly how I work Leadership into my campaigns.
  8. Stone Miso Soup (04/02/2014): A brief discussion on how adapting real-world folklore for your Pathfinder Roleplaying Game can improve immersion for your players. Also comes with a fully adapted folktale, Stone Miso Soup.
  9. Role and Roll (04/07/2014): A quick look at the insult “rollplayers” and my take on the idea of mechanics-oriented players and story-oriented players.
  10. Fighting with Size Issues (04/14/2014): I deplore many of the size-based rules that the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game inherited. In this article, I discuss a few rules that I think are laughably unrealistic and offer some quick solutions to fix them up right as rain.
  11. Reviewing Products for Fun and … Fun (04/23/2014): Before I was a blogger I was a product reviewer. In this article, I give away some of my techniques and nomenclature in hopes of creating more highly-skilled reviewers.
  12. Dude, That’s Racist! (04/30/2014): I’m not a huge fan of racially restricted character options, especially archetypes. In today’s article I take a look at some of the worst examples of racial options in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, discuss why they’re bad, and talk about ways to improve racial option design.
  13. Alex’s Top 10 Favorite Archetypes (05/07/2014): Birthday Week 2014 Part 2 – In this article, I talk about my ten favorite archetypes in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game and what makes them my favorite options. If you’ve been following along with my Iconic Design articles, you probably won’t be too surprised with these choices.
  14. Cosmic Nerdom (05/21/2014): [REDACTED]
  15. Where Have All the Halfling Fighters Gone? (05/28/2014): [REDACTED]

Iconic Design (Friday Articles)

  1. The Lich King (02/14/2014): Arthas Menethil build (World of Warcraft / Warcraft III).
  2. The Nonlethal Ninja (02/21/2014): Nonlethal damage-dealing ninja build.
  3. Prince Adam of Grayskull (02/28/2014): Prince Adam build (He-Man).
  4. Holy Guns, Batman! (03/07/2014): Holy Gun build.
  5. Dirty Player, Dirty Tricks (03/14/2014): Dirty tricks specialized build.
  6. ThunderCats, Ho! (03/21/2014): Lion-O build (ThunderCats).
  7. Oh, Those Carnival Nights (03/28/2014): In this installment of Iconic Design, I share my thought processes on character design by offering my current Wrath of the Righteous character build for everyone to see.
  8. For Pony! (04/05/2014): Richard build (LFG Webcomic).
  9. Do You Want to Build a Snowman? (04/12/2014): Elsa build (Frozen).
  10. He’s Not a Nice King At All (04/19/2014): Ice King build (Adventure Time).
  11. For the Sake of Evil (04/25/2014): Skeletor build (He-Man).
  12. Time to Buckle Our Swash! (05/02/2014): Elan build (Order of the Stick).
  13. That’s Not a BAD Thing! (05/09/2014): Kyr’shin Yilenzo’s build (Alex’s home games).
  14. Don-Don-DonDon (05/23/14):  Indiana Jones build.
  15. A Boy and His Dog (05/30/14): Animal Companion Barbarian build.
  16. Broaden Your Horizons (06/06/2014): Horizon Walker build.
  17. Crikey! (06/13/2014): Steve Irwin build (The Crocodile Hunter).
  18. He’s a Sexy Shoeless God of War (06/20/2014): Belkar Bitterleaf build (Order of the Stick).
  19. May the Odds Be Forever in Your Favor (06/27/2014): Katniss Everdeen build (Hunger Games).
  20. He’s the Fastest Thing Alive (07/04/2014): Sonic the Hedgehog build.
  21. Meet Mr. Faceman (07/11/2014): Master Spy build.

Product Reviews

  • Book of the Damned, Volumes 1 – 3 (Paizo Publishing)
  • Champions of Balance (Paizo Publishing)
  • Chronicles of the Righteous (Paizo Publishing)
  • Inner Sea Gods (Paizo Publishing)
  • Paths of Prestige
  • People of the Sands


  1. Product Plug – Dungeon Dressing: Walls
  2. Product Plug – Village Backdrop: Trickletrek

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